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Las Positas College to Launch Film Studies Program Fall 2020

Las Positas College (LPC) announces the Film Studies Program (FLMS), an Associate of Art degree or Certificate of Achievement offering students an introduction to the history, analysis, and art of filmmaking. Depending on their interests, Film Studies students can explore film production, acting for film, intersections between film and theater, music of great film composers, multimedia reporting, as well as major global cinema traditions and directors. 
Elizabeth Wing Brooks, faculty, Humanities and Film Studies at Las Positas College, began working at LPC in 2016 when the Humanities department had only one film class available. Knowing the students' love for the lone available Humanities film class, as affirmed by constant inquiries about LPC offering a major in Film, Elizabeth quickly set in motion an additional film studies course and began drawing from courses already available at LPC from other departments to create an interdisciplinary global model, including courses like Intro to Videography, Film as Art & Communication, and Introduction to Media to develop the Film Studies degree and certificate program. "We are so lucky to have Elizabeth. She has accomplished so much in the redesign and globalization of this curriculum and development of the Film Studies program, and has built a strong network of students during her short time here," said Amy Mattern, Dean, Arts and Humanities.
The Film Studies Program consists of a required core course, which is a revised version of the original film studies course, then allows students to tailor their remaining courses in a way that fits their interests and goals. This interdisciplinary approach is both important and unique, giving students the option to look across the college at opportunities to focus on what they want, providing them a broad perspective with the ability to narrow down when they have decided their path. Upon completing the program, students will have more flexibility and marketability due to their new, diverse skill sets entering the workforce.
"Taking film courses at LPC both affirmed my passion for film and broadened my knowledge of the craft," said Kevin Kodama, previous LPC student. "I started by taking Global Cinemas during Fall 2019, which introduced me to different film styles, movements, and directors by screening a number of different films throughout the semester. Originally, I was considering Sociology or ECD as a major, but taking Global Cinemas motivated me to explore my interest in film more deeply. The teachers were amazing at providing a creatively safe environment for students to explore and discuss interests freely and the classes I took helped immensely by steering me in the right direction."

The certificate and degree program isn't available until this fall; however, several students have already begun working towards it. "I'm most looking forward to enriching my understanding of film as an art form and applying the things I learn into practical knowledge of the process of creating a film, eventually using that knowledge to create my own content or help others create theirs," said Travis Danner, LPC Film Studies student. "I hope to transfer to San Francisco State to get a Film Studies degree and eventually get a job in the film industry and/or become a film teacher, preferably in the subject of film theory." 

Despite current circumstances, FLMS faculty are prepared to provide the same high-quality education through Canvas and Zoom as would be expected in person, responding to the current environment, moving forward, and continuing to provide great opportunities for students. The nature of the Film Studies program allows courses to easily be transitioned to and offered online. "I'm figuring out ways to transition online, though I prefer to be in the classroom with my students," said Elizabeth Wing Brooks. "We use our library databases to show films from all over the world to teach about the world through film, so even though we aren't physically together, students will be able to 'travel' from home."

About Las Positas College  
Las Positas College currently enrolls 8,000 students and offers curriculum for students seeking transfer to a four-year college or university, career preparation, or basic skills education. The College provides university transfer classes, retraining classes for those in need of employment or career advancement, a first-time educational opportunity for many adults, enrichment classes for those seeking a broader perspective, and career and technical training for those entering the technical and paraprofessional workforce.
Las Positas College is a learning-centered institution focused on excellence and student success. It is fully committed to supporting Tri-Valley residents in their quest for education and advancement. Las Positas College faculty and staff are distinguished by their energy, creativity, and commitment to making a difference in the lives of the students they serve and the future of the Tri-Valley region.

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