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The more you Save, the more you Get
Technology Credit Union has a promotion to help you save and meet your financial goals.

*Promotional Period is 07/01/19 to 09/30/19. Campaign End Date is 09/30/19. You must enroll during the Promotional Period. Must be 18 years or older. Offer excludes balances held in business accounts. During the Promotional Period, grow your total deposit relationship with Tech CU by moving New-to-Tech CU funds from any outside institution to any Tech CU share deposit account where you play a primary owner role. On 10/01/19, Tech CU will determine how much your total deposit relationship grew during the Promotional Period by taking your total deposit balances on 09/30/19 and comparing them to your total deposit balance on 06/30/19. The increase in your total deposit balances during the Promotional Period will determine which Promotional Tier you are eligible to participate in. Your total deposit balance must increase by $20,000 or more during the Promotional Period to be eligible for any Promotional Tier. To receive a Promotional Tier payout, you must maintain the minimum required total deposit growth for the Promotional Tier you were eligible to participate in through 12/31/19. If your total deposit growth drops below the Promotional Tier you were eligible to participate in, but still falls within one of the lower Promotional Tiers, you’ll be paid the amount for the corresponding lower tier. Tech CU reserves the right to change or cancel this Promotion at any time.
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